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Mount Moriah Baptist is a Christ-Centered, Bible-Based, Family-Oriented ministry which seeks to Exalt Jesus Christ, Equip and Edify the Saints, and Evangelize those who are without Christ.

We believe in the absolute authority of God's Word and are committed to preaching, teaching, and living It's truth daily.  Obedience to God's Truth is the key to a life of peace, joy, and true happiness.

We are conservative and traditional in our approach to worship - God's Glory in each aspect of our ministry is of utmost importance.

We believe that God's Word provides the answers to our questions, the solutions to our problems, and strength and stability for our daily lives.

Join us this week as we worship, learn, and grow -- striving together for God's glory.

Church History

Mt. Moriah Baptist Church  1850 - Present

In 1850, Ballsville, Virginia was a busy cluster of houses, stores, wheelwright shop, railway depot, blacksmith shop, tobacco warehouse, and saloon. Upon moving his family into one of the farm houses and finding no Baptist church, Mr. Lewis McLaurine and some Baptist neighbors decided to start Sunday School in an old barn on the edge of a field about a mile east of Ballsville on Old Buckingham Road.

In May 1850 one acre of land was purchased by Mrs. Louisa Colquit for $15. During the summer of 1850 the men built the small church near the old barn. On September 8, 1850, the church was dedicated, the first service was held, and the Reverend S. J. Adkins was called as the pastor. Consisting of fifteen members, the church was named Mount Moriah Baptist Church. Little is known about the next ten years, except that other pastors were Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Crews, and Mr. Gilbert Mason.

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Thomas Alvis - Old Mt Moriah

Church Staff

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Pastor Thomas Alvis


Thomas Alvis - 10454904381151CDP

Alicia Ashworth Alvis

Church Secretary (part-time)

Four Lifetime Active Deacons:

Tom Walton: attending Mt. Moriah since 1972, serving as Deacon since Jan.08,1976

Petie Myers: attending Mt. Moriah since 1981, serving as Deacon since Dec.14,1997

Albert Tucker: attending Mt. Moriah since 1997, serving as Deacon since Oct.29,2005

Kevin Wingfield: attending Mt. Moriah since 1995, serving as Deacon since Oct.29,2005