Reaching the World with the Gospel.

KANCHANABURI THAILAND-January 29: An unidentified Mon children 5-12 years old playing with bubbles on January 29 2012 at KANCHANABURI THAILAND. Mon are an ethnic group spread in Thailand.

The final words of Christ Jesus to His disciples was instruction to be faithful witnesses.  That Great Commission is recorded in each Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and the Book of Acts.  It is our firm conviction that God has called EVERY BELIEVER to the work and ministry of reconciliation.  That demands participation from every member of Mount Moriah.  We are each to be committed to living a life that reflects our relationship with Jesus Christ -- i.e. we are to be salt and light.

Obedience to the Great Commission also demands that we be involved in reaching the Untold Millions all around the world who have not yet come to faith in Christ Jesus.  We are, therefore, committed to World Evangelism through Missions.  We give, pray, and go through families and organizations who are committed to making disciples of all nations.

Our outreach around the world includes evangelism, church planting, education, and assisting in the establishment of New Testament local churches.  We support - through finances, communication, and prayer - various families and ministries in the United States, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Guyana, and India; many of these missionaries are listed below, some are not posted due to the country they serve in and the sensitivity to their safety.

For more information about our Missions commitment, contact Pastor Alvis at MtMoriahBaptist@gmail.com.

Dr. John Sircar serving in Bangledesh, Bangledesh Theological Seminary and Orphanage

Camps Abroad located in Brevard, NC

Dick and Rush Gelina, Retired but serving in Florida

Jack and Jonnie Hunt retired serving in North Carolina

Jonathan and Wendy Latham serivng in Mexico

Joaquin and Paqui Lopez serving in Spain

Frank and Jennie Maietta serving in Italy

Jeff and Elizabeth Owens serving in Kiari, Papua New Guinea

Jim and Jan Ruff serving in the Training Division of ABWE

Bill and Debbie Tobias serving with ABWE Special Projects

The Wilds, Brevard NC

Shalom Ministries

God Bless America Crusade

Dale and Vickie Money serving with First Bible International

Jonathan and Hannah Speights serving in Brazil

Jake and Joy DeWald serving in Dominican Republic